When a client hands out some work to be done by a third party, some thoughts regarding the productivity, quality of work, or will the work be done by time will concern the client. In this pandemic, shifting to outsourcing is wise. But the employee is not in front of our eyes it is natural to be concerned about the delivery of the projects. So what to do?



So how to track employees from home? There are various methods which shall be discussed as follows.


Emails are dependable and can be used to keep a check on the remote workers. The contract workers are asked to constantly keep mailing the reports on the project. The frequency of emails can be a meter to judge the efforts that the contract workers are putting.


There are various social networking platforms available that are perfect for clients to be in touch with the contractors. Clients can form workgroups and ask for reports of the work assigned. WhatsApp groups are very common in this regard.


Give the contract workers an appropriate deadline depending upon the workload. Ask them to submit the work before the deadline. Submitting the desired work on time is a high priority.


Integrating all the work details of the contract workers like the amount of work given and done in the specified time in an excel sheet can provide clients a clear and concise report on the productivity of the remote workers.


Managers to handle the contract workers is one other way to keep a check on them. Make groups and assign each group a manager. The remote workers that constitute a group should be asked to report regularly to their assigned managers. It should be the duty of the manager to make sure the work gets done on time.


Moreover, there are numerous apps available for keeping a track on the third-party workers. These apps may have a different functionality or may keep track of workers in different ways. Search on the internet and find the perfect app for you. Ask the workers to install these apps and get a regular report.

These are some ways to keep track of the contract workers. The technology is very advanced nowadays and provides a solution to most of the problems out there. So give up your worries and move to outsource.