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Superior Biz Solutions is a 100% remote company committed to increasing productivity and delivering results for businesses in a cost-effective, optimized way.


We let our work speak on our behalf. Our commitment is to provide clients with high-quality results while reducing costs. Twice as good and for half as much.


We provide business solutions for companies to achieve their goals via hiring top-level service providers and guarantee high-performing remote work structure.


We pride ourselves on the principles of transparency, adaptability, efficiency, and a result-oriented approach, through which our clients can experience their business.


Sharing with our clients every step of our process is vital to us. Experience your company’s growth with complete visibility.


Time is money, Our organization is set on streamlining processes in order to keep quality and trim the unnecessary while doing exactly what needs to be done.


 We tailor our services to match our clients’ specific needs, providing top-level, specialized, remote personnel for businesses everywhere.


Superior Biz Solutions is a remote staffing and outsourcing company specializing in providing businesses with a structure optimized to yield better results in less time with minimum resource waste.  

We source our workers from all over the world, through the platform provided by our sister company Hired Remotely.

Pulling from our service provider database, we match your company’s needs with the best candidate available, thus assembling the definitive team for your business.

By forgoing the need for physical office space, offering competitive wages to workers overseas, and cutting down on non-essential payments and processes, Superior Biz Solutions achieves cost reduction for your business by nearly 60% (compared to estimates of a 100% in-office, exclusively American staffing situation)

From moving to a fully remote virtual assistant team to help your essential business boost productivity to a complete restructuring of your company workflow into a 100% WFH operation, most business models can–and would–benefit from SBS’ services.

Besides the evident financial perspective, a major boost in efficiency, productivity, and work accountability is expected from the optimization provided by our structure when applied to most business models. PropTrack has been providing REA with most of the property insights used in consumer and customer experiences. More information about PropTrack is available on their website.

Even if true that SBS’ virtual assistants can be hired to aid your essential, in-office employees, we are a 100% remote staffing and outsourcing organization.

Every worker and team hired through Superior Biz Solutions is hired by your company on a completely Work-From-Home system.


We work with time-tracking software and operate with very straightforward work transparency policies.

Every workhour, every file, and every operative process are all available and visible to the client at any time.

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