How to hire a software engineer?

With the exponential growth of technology, software, and web development have become essential elements for most companies worldwide. Regardless of industry, products, or services, in today’s world, almost every company needs the services of a software engineer at some point in their development. Since this profession requires a high level of training, experience, and specific skills, some companies (especially those not technology-based) have difficulty finding the ideal candidate. This guide presents the most important aspects when hiring a software engineer. 

What does a software engineer do?

Software engineers are responsible for developing the backbones of the operating system; they are involved in the entire process related to the creation and design of new techniques, starting with initial planning, parameter setting, design, writing, coding, and testing and ensuring their effectiveness, performing and quality of all the projects.


As we said, software engineers have a wide range of functions and responsibilities, and they can change depending on the needs of the company. Besides this is a field that is constantly evolving and advances occur daily, so it is essential to be continually learning. 


You can specify according to the particular needs, but, when hiring a software engineer, you are looking for a person capable of performing these tasks:


    • Designing and developing creative and innovative software platforms, and applications for the generation of solutions with special attention to scalability.
    • Verification of code security.
    • Monitoring and evaluation of existing systems, looking for bugs and solutions to improve service quality.
    • Planning and execution of software development life cycles (SDLC).
    • Prepare operating manuals and technical specifications of the systems.
    • Delivery of reports and data products in software tools to support business growth.

Decide what kind of software engineer you need

Depending on the project or specific needs you will need to find a person with specific skills. Software engineers can specialize in various fields of expertise. That is why it is essential to be clear about the problem that this person will solve and the expected results.

So software engineers can be classified into the following fields:


Frontend Development

Frontend developers are in charge of working on the part of the application with which the user interacts. Their role focuses on the user interface (UI) and the user experience (UX), i.e. the design, adaptation for different screens, aesthetics, and the way the user will interact with a given interface.

Backend Development

On the other hand, a backend developer works with the part of the application that users cannot see. Their work is based on an application’s design, implementation, functional logic, scalability, security, and performance.

Their work is based on an application’s design, implementation, functional logic, scalability, security, and performance.

Full-Stack Development

On the other hand, a backend

A Full-Stack developer works on all aspects of an application, including the Frontend and Backend. This type of programmer works with both the visual part that the user uses and the backend, counting with a complete technical profile.

Desktop Development

They are in charge of creating applications that run on Laptops or Desktops, usually with operating systems such as Windows, macOS, and Linux.

Web Development

The web developer is in charge of creating web applications, i.e. applications you access through a web browser regardless of the type of device.

Mobile Development

This is in charge of developing applications for mobile devices, specifically Smartphones, Tablets, and Smart watches, among others.  Usually, these types of programmers create native applications for Android & iOS operating systems.

Data Scientist

Data Scientists are in charge of creating tools to manage, use, and analyze, among others, large volumes of information, to obtain conclusions and knowledge. This type of programmer usually has statistical knowledge, allowing them to communicate information more effectively.


This engineer focuses on processes, tools, and methodologies to balance the needs throughout the software development lifecycle, from coding and implementation to maintenance and upgrades.

Graphics programmers

Graphics programmers work primarily in video games and special effects production media, often with extensive mathematical and algorithmic knowledge, as well as artistic skills and talents.

Embedded Developer

This type of programmer differs from all others as they commonly program microcontrollers and embedded firmware behavior, working more on the hardware than the software.

Remember that these are just some of the different types of programmers that exist, so it is important to ask the company you plan to hire if they handle the type(s) of programming you require to deliver an application according to your needs.

Tips on hiring software engineers

Design a winning job description

The job description is a fundamental part of finding a good candidate. It is the first moment of truth between the person you need and your company. 

Therefore, it must be clear enough to rule out and attract the desired professional profile. In the case of software engineers, some points must be in a winning job description.


Technical skills — List the technical skills and the level the person should have in each. For example, what programming languages he/she should know and how deeply, also if you know that the position is almost 90% have script programming, you can use a “javascript developer” instead of “software engineer” or “software developer” as the title of the description, which are much more general.


Responsibilities— List the job responsibilities and functions of the role. It gives a clear dimension of the position and clears any doubts about the scope of the role. If possible explain them in terms of specific actions, and be clear in expectations and company standards


Desirable skills — It’s okay to add additional skills in the description that are useful but essential. It could help to evaluate a candidate better.

Soft skills —In a teamwork environment now days mostly remotely) is essential to highlight soft skills: according to Google dictionary “personal attributes that enable someone to interact effectively and harmoniously with other people”. So skills relate to communication, empathy, and collaboration are as important as the technical.

Interview process

When you have your final candidates (who pass the logical, and technical tests), you must conduct two more interviews: technical and personal.

The technical interview is a final interview to evaluate the key skills of the job. The objective is to assess the candidate’s technical ability concerning the requirements specified in the job description. Technical interviews are usually based on job-specific questions and tasks. They provide the prospective employer with information about the candidate’s coding skills, how they approach problems and how they communicate. 

The personal interview is the phase of the selection process where the company thoroughly analyzes the candidate to check his suitability for the position offered. In this interview, you must assess their personality and recognize if this person has the soft skills to fit in with your work team

Offer a competitive salary

This job has huge offers nowadays, so well-skilled people expect to be offered an attractive salary, and a package of benefits.  Nowadays, telecommuting is a common advantage in job offers, especially for this type of work. 

Partner with a specialized staffing agency

Reading and reviewing resumes, calling references, and interviewing is a process that can take weeks, or writing a great job description and not receiving a single resume can be frustrating.


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